The Nerdy Hot Women Of Hollywood.

This rules. Some of these interviews I’ve seen before, some I haven’t. And the part where Megan Fox runs down the list of my all-time favorite comics, even name dropping my idol J. Scott Campbell!? Fucking swoon!

This little video was posted on Film Drunk a few days ago and started a bit of a debacle with female nerds being offended. You can read Film Drunk writer Vince Mancini’s response to all the hate HERE.

He makes a good point:

Claiming to be geek is becoming the new claiming to be punk.  Every bro-y A-hole who beat me up in junior high loves videogames, it doesn’t make you part of some special club.

And the Star Wars thing?  For one, what does “I love Star Wars!” even say about you in 2011? It’s a far cry from playing D&D before computers.  iPods and Budweiser are things that are as mainstream as Star Wars.  It’s been around for thirty years. HOLY SH*T, YOU LIKE A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CULTURAL MEGA-PHENOMENON TOO?!? LET’S START A ‘ZINE!  It’s not geeky.  Stop saying it is.  Stop acting persecuted for liking something that everyone likes.